We have recently launched Metaverse Reverie, the official (and most delicious) Cloud Monster podcast. Join us as we discuss (with our mouths and our voice boxes) the mysteries of  life, the universe, and everything through the lens of our favorite art form. As usual, we do our best to provide a critical and analytical view of this emerging medium, but not without some humor and the occasional digression. Subscribe to our feed and tell your friends. It’s going to be tops!

How Do I Listen / Subscribe?

There are several ways to listen to and enjoy Metaverse Reverie, and several ways to subscribe (which is something we encourage our readers and listeners to do). In light of this, we’ve taken the liberty of establishing this page as the one stop portal for all your Metaverse Reverie needs. Here we’ll cover the most common ways for you to enjoy our tasty voices.

Method #1. Stream or Download From This Site.

The first thing you’ll want to do is follow the link to our episode archive (below). Afterwards, choose the episode you want to listen to and click on its title. That’ll take you to that Episode’s dedicated page, where you can easily stream or download some Metaverse goodness.

Access the Episode Archive Here.

Method #2. Subscribe Using Our Feed URL (Works for All Podcast Managers).

Subscribing to our podcast’s RSS feed is a great way to ensure that you never miss an episode, seeing as they get delivered directly to your podcatcher of choice. To subscribe via this method, you will first need to copy the following URL.


Afterwards, you’ll need to open your podcast manager of choice (this works for any and all of them, including iTunes, Miro, Podcast Addict, Zune, Juice, and etc.), select the menu option to add/subscribe to a new podcast, and paste the URL when prompted. Your podcatcher should do the rest.

Since we’re now officially listed on the iTunes store, many podcast management programs will be able to find us using their search feature (if they’re able to tap into the iTunes search engine). This makes it even easier. Just type “Metaverse Reverie” into the search field, and Bob’s your uncle.