So, I’m pretty tired of writing official sounding copy by now. Not today, Satan. Not today. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll manage to come up with something snappy and sufficiently corporate sounding in the near future. Maybe I won’t. It’ll be a surprise, either way. For now, I’ll try to keep things simple. This here is the online home of Cloud Monster Press, a tiny semi-entity that I have recently re-purposed to serve as the outward facing “brand” for tabletop roleplaying designs, a podcast, and whatever other fun thing my close associates and I manage to dream up. It used to be a video game blog, like four years ago, and then it was basically just a parked domain for a while, because life happened and all that. I’m pretty terrible at coming up with new names for things, and I’ve had this one lying around, doing absolutely nothing, for way too long. A crying shame, really. So I figured I’d dust it off and turn it into something awesome, or at least give it an earnest go.

If you’re here right now, you’re probably looking to listen to Underworld Blues and Other Stories, the actual play podcast where me and my friends play tabletop games, have fun, and play-test Spiral, the percentile based, rules-light roleplaying system that I’ve been developing for…way too long, probably. To listen to podcast online, just click HERE and enjoy. Otherwise, you should be able to find it by using the search function on your podcasting program of choice.